What to see in Prado Museum in 2 hours


I wrote in an older post, here – about the opportunity to visit the Golden Triangle free of charge within certain time frames. The Prado Museum was first opened in 1819 by King Ferdinand VII, whose paintings can be seen in the main gallery painted by Goya. The museum houses thousands of masterpieces from 1000 years ago until the 20th century, making a visit here become a trip in itself. Sometimes time does not allow us, sometimes free entry forces us to minimize the visit. Continue reading “What to see in Prado Museum in 2 hours”

How to visit Madrid for free


Saying you visited Spain’s capital in a few days is like someone offering you a cake and inviting you to eat it with a spoon instead of a teaspoon that would help you more to enjoy it. There are so many beautiful places to enjoy here, you almost don’t know where to go first. Although I left Madrid at a side, preferring coastal cities like Barcelona, ​​Valencia or the islands – the architecture, culture, cleanliness and the atmosphere of the city won me over. An approximate budget for an extended weekend of 3-4 nights can be …  Continue reading “How to visit Madrid for free”