Free entry to the Museum of Art Collections

As I was saying here, one does not have to wait for the Museum night to visit them for free, there are no-cost entries all through the year.

On the first Wednesday of each month, the Museum of Art Collections has free access for its visitors during the opening hours. Actually,  all the museums which are part of the National Art Museum offer this free entry.

In my opinion, the Museum of Art Collections rivals his older brother, the National Art Museum – through the hosted works of art .

Built in U form, the Romanit Palace with romantic architecture holds 44 collections donated by various people, art lovers – to the Romanian state. The history of the Romanit Palace takes us to the 19th century when it came in the possession of Grigore Romanit, Grand Duke of Prince Grigore Ghica. It is not known who was the first owner to order the palace at architect Facca, who died before he finished the building.

The exhibited pieces are paintings, sculptures, furniture, modern and popular Romanian art works, landmarks of art history. I liked mostly the ground floor, where there are works in the impressionist style, but you have to visit also the first floor room hosting the largest collection of Nicolae Grigorescu’s paintings  which is one of the largest I’ve seen together.

Ticket price: 15 lei.

Program: 11.00 – 19.00 (May – September), 10.00 – 18.00 (October – April). Closed Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and legal holidays.

Adress: 111, Calea Victoriei.

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