Casa Soarelui in Vama Veche

It’s more or less 3 years since I encountered this special place with lots of good energy in Vama Veche. For many years, each summer weekend I stayed in another place, a family owned inn, where I felt like at home. In the meantime, we became friends, we told each other our worries or joys, but life forced them to retreat from the agitation of this village at the sea.

The universe then decided to give me a new host where I always come back to reload my batteries. Some friends from abroad were going to visit Romania and I promised I’d take them for a few days at seaside. Since then, this sea-bed house stuck to me, and all the mini- or micro-holidays at our seaside have been here.

Located on a side street, left from the main street in Vama Veche, protected from the noise of the resort, although it is in the center – Casa Soarelui (the House of Sun) is small and cosy, with only 2 rooms, each with its own bathroom. The terrace is perfect for morning coffee or afternoon schnaps.

Casa Soarelui is waiting for you!

In another blog post, I talked about the places and wild beaches near Vama Veche: 7 unknown beaches near Vama Veche.

Contact: Ioana, 0723 746 459.

Facebook: Casa Soarelui.


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