7 places to see in Transylvania

Just the other day someone asked me what to see in the west of the country and I remembered the mini holiday that I organized in Transylvania. I left Bucharest by car with the following route:

1. Rupea Fortress: After Braşov, we take the road to Sighişoara and 65 km away from Brasov, on our right side we can admire the proud fortress. One can park in front of the entrance, at the museum parking. The visit takes about an hour. History says it is the oldest settlement dating back to Neolithic and Paleolithic, attested in 1324 when the Saxons were housed here by King Charles I of Hungary. The citadel was rebuilt by the Romans on the ruins of a conquered Dacian fortress. Situated at the confluence of Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania, the fortress was a strategic point and it was systematically extended between the X-XIV centuries. The legend says that King Decebal took his life in this fortress at the end of the Second Dacian-Roman War (105-106).

Program: 01.11- 31.03, 9:00 – 17:00 // 01.04 – 31.08, 9:00 – 20:00 // 01.09 – 31.10, 9:00 – 17:00 Ticket price: 10 lei / person, 5 lei / children.

2. Viscri village hides, during spring time, the landscape of the Windows desktop, fields that make you dream and wish for a picnic. It sure deserves a walk in the heart of the village to see the fortified church and the local lifestyle that unfortunately impressed me with the needs of the people and some children who came to us to ask for candy. 🙁

3. Sighișoara: one can sleep here overnight, in order to see the city at leisure. In this medieval city the tour shouldn’t miss:  the Clock Tower, the Indoor Staircase, the Medieval Cemetery.

I stayed at Casa Cositorarului, a very cozy place, with chic rooms and tasty food. It is located near the famous Indoor Staircase of Sighișoara.

4. Biertan: taking the road towards Sibiu, turn left towards this picturesque village, 10 minutes away from the national road.

5. Sibiu: a city like no other in Romania. Clean, tidy, with cozy central guesthouses, there are many attractions in Sibiu.  I dedicated a separate post for visiting this Transylvanian town: 15 places to visit in Sibiu.

6. Bruckental Palace in Avrig. It is possible to sleep overnight, the palace is partially renovated and events are organized at the palace, but I just took a tour of the place, I had a juice and left. Address: 39 Gheorghe Lazar, Avrig.

7. Făgăraș – visit the Fortress of Fagaras, a full tour takes about 2 hours, I liked it very much. Ticket price: 15 lei / person, 7 lei / children.

Program: 15.05– 15.09, Tu-Fri 08-19, Sa-Su 10-18 // 16.09– 14.05, Tu-Fri 08-17, Sa-Su 9-17.

Near Făgăraş there is a picturesque village called Cincşor where there is a fortified church and a beautiful guest house.

I did eat extremely well at Casa Terra in Făgăraş : 2A Negoiu street.

The return to Bucharest was via Șinca Nouă, Râșnov (there’s also a fortress here), Predeal.

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