15 places to visit in Sibiu

Sibiu is one of my closest to heart, one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. Every time I was here, it appeared to me very clean, neat, Sibiu is nice to visit in any season.

I selected below the most enjoyable landmarks of this town from my walks through this old city. I started with the places in the center and walked my way to the periphery.

1. Piata Mare (The Great Market) with numerous terraces, restaurants, fairs. It’s nice to sit for a tea with a book, seeing the city’s heart beating in front of you.

2. With access from Piata Mare, one can go up the Town Hall Tower. Program: 10 – 20. Ticket price: 2 lei.

3. The Bruckental Palace & Museum is in Piata Mare, it houses art and exhibition galleries, as well as the most valuable collections of Baroque paintings in Central and Eastern Europe, by Antoon van Dyck, Jan van Eyck, Peter Bruegel II and Hans Memling. Ticket price. Program: 10-18.

4. The Roman Catholic Church is in Piata Mare, as well.

5. Museum of Pharmacy – in Piata Mica Nr. 26. It was the first pharmacy in Romania.

6. The Bridge of Lies links the way between Piata Mica and Piata Huet, it was the first forged iron bridge without support, in our country.

7. Piata Huet (Huet Market) is located behind the Big Market.

8. The Evangelical Church is in Piata Huet. Free entrance. Program: 9-17.

9. The Museum of History is housed in the Altemberger House which was both town hall and a prison. Address: 2, Mitropoliei street.

10. The walls of the fortress with the Carpenters Tower and the Calf House.

11. The Thick Tower  was the first theater in Sibiu, now classical music is played here.

12. The Museum of Natural History is on the second place in Romania as number of exhibits. Program: 21.03-21.10, Tu-Su: 10.00-18.00 // 21.10-21.03, We-Su: 10.00-18.00, Ticket price: 13 lei. Address: 1,Cetății street.

13. The Stairs Tower located in Piata Mică.

14. Astra Museum, a village museum. Address: 16-20, Pădurea Dumbrava. Ticket price: 17 lei.

15. Astra Park.

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