Free entry to Zambaccian Museum

In Dorobanti area, in ​​Bucharest, the Zambaccian Museum holds the name of its creator: a great lover and collector of art, Armenian by origin – Krikor H. Zambaccian – has been involved in documenting and writing the monographs of famous painters such as …

Nicolae Grigorescu, Gheorghe Petrascu, Nicolae Tonitza. After his studies in the West, Zambaccian returns to the country, becomes one of the most prominent art critics, and begins to collect works that rest today in his former home. Among his writings are “Art Pages” and “Artist’s Art Notes”. He was also the inventor of the concept of art consignment, opening his first such shop after the Second World War.

The donation of the collection was made together with the house by its owner. It was built on architect C.D. Galin, being open to art lovers one day a week, starting 1942. The museum houses works by Tonitza, Nicolae Grigorescu, Ion Andreescu, Iosif Iser, Theodor Pallady, Theodor Aman. Once a month there is a free guide to the museum that explains shapes, colors, painters and manners, a real feast for lovers of beauty.

Zambaccian’s nephew, Marcel – explains his uncle’s passion for art: “Krikor Zambaccian was a maniac. He loved the paintings more than his own family. If he were to choose between giving a painting that he loved or cut off his fingers, he would say he’d renounce his fingers. My dad was different, he was the one who ran the family money. Exasperated by Krikor’s excesses, which unbalanced the business budget, dad wanted at one point to withdraw his business share and leave his brother alone. But my grandmother did not agree.”

Part of the National Art Museum, the Zambaccian House can be visited free of charge on the first Wednesday of each calendar month.

Ticket price: 10 lei.

Program: We-Su, 11 – 19 (May – September), 10 – 18 (October – April).

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