A stroll through Bucharest: The Museum of Ages

Strolling in my home city, Bucharest I’ve found a place where everyone can see the history of our ancestors we hold within: the Museum of Ages.

Located on the Mogosoaia Bridge, as Calea Victoriei was once called … the museum re-opened proudly, in the Filipescu-Cesianu House in 2016. The house was built in Belle Epoque style by lawyer Constantin Cesianu, as it was home to some of the aristocratic families of the time. The corner of Sevastopol Street with Calea Victoriei invites visitors to the Museum of Ages through a park with banks, statues and chaisse-longues where one can relax by reading the books left at the shade of the trees.

What can you see?

There are many stories that will happen in this space, but you will be able to visit:

  • The gallery carries the traveler through the daily life of the people living in the area of Bucharest hundreds of years ago; we find useful information about the illnesses that people suffered at that time, the clothes they wore and their daily life.
  • The first part of the museum tells about comparative anthropological evolution in Bucharest, begining the 16th century. We learn how our height, weight, physiognomy, habits, mentality or abilities have changed for the past three hundred years.
  • Information about the demographic evolution of the city, the educational system, urban physiognomy and home life.
  • Inside the museum, an urban interior space was reconstructed and one can find an interesting collection of oriental pieces, characteristic of the 18th century when the Ottoman Empire was ruling in Tara Romaneasca.
  • Apart from furniture pieces, the space includes a collection of chronologically exposed objects which reveal the evolution of technology, including its access to medium social categories and behavior towards fun.
  • Temporary exhibitions can be found here: The Museum of Bucharest.

Have a nice visit!

Program & tickets

Ticket price – 6 lei (1,5 EUR). Mo, Tu: closed. We-Su: 10-18.

Filipescu Cesianu House

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