5 days in Rome

Whenever one looks for reasons to get out of the daily routine, the city of Rome offers centuries of beauty, carved splendors and Mediterranean sunshine.

The routes I made for these 5 days target major landmarks for art history, being grouped in areas of Rome (neighborhoods) and designed for a 4-5 day mini-holiday.

The most important mean of transport is…

the subway; fast, efficient and inexpensive, underground trains have an optimal network for access to objectives to visit. I must admit, however, that you need very comfortable shoes for these walks.

Route 1: Galleria & Villa Borghese (Ticket 15 EUR), Colloseum + Traian Forum and Columna (Ticket 12 EUR), Church of San Pietro in Vincoli – here is the Moselle statue carved by Michelangelo (free entrance).

Route 2: Vatican City & Museum (ticket 16 EUR ), Sant ‘Angelo Palace (ticket 15.5 EUR), Palazzo Altemps (ticket EUR 11).

Route 3: Piazza Venezia (free entrance), Church of Santa Maria della Vittoria (free entrance), Piazza Spagna (free entrance), Fontana di Trevi (free entrance), Doria Pamphilj Gallery (ticket EUR 12).

Route 4: Piazza Navona (free entrance), Palazzo Corsini (ticket 5 EUR ), Villa Farnesina (ticket 4 EUR), Panteon (free entrance).

Route 5: Tivoli – Villa d’Este (ticket 8 EUR) and Villa Adriana (ticket EUR 8).

For Tivoli you can take the train from Termini Train Station (3-4 EUR); the journey takes 1h 20 ‘or bus (1 EUR). For Villa Borghese and Vatican, it is essential to book online tickets or even purchase them online, if you want to save precious time.

Restaurant recommendations:

Trattoria Moderna – Very tasty food, exceptional service. Address: Vicolo dei Chiodaroli street 16, 00186 Rome.

Ba Ghetto in Rome’s Ghetto, Jewish cuisine and traditional products, interesting look. Address: Vicolo dei Chiodaroli street 16, 00186 Rome.


Metro Tickets (ATTENTION! Tickets must be validated before first use):

  • 24-hour valid ticket for Metro, bus or train in Rome: € 7.00
  • 48-hour valid ticket for Metro, bus or train in Rome: € 12.50
  • 72 hours valid ticket for Metro, bus or train in Rome: € 18.00
  • 7 days valid ticket : € 24.00

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