Less known places in Sinaia, Romania

I’ve lost counting on the times I’ve visited Sinaia, from childhood till now, by car or train, accompanied or alone. This time, I saw the city with the eyes of the first-time traveller in this old city of Prahova Valley as I learned that the name “Sinaia” comes from Mount Sinai, given by Cantacuzino – to the city.

Through a documentary book written by architect Dan Manea, I rediscovered the sweetness of the past century of the most beautiful villas and castles of Sinaia. Therefore I visited and liked:

– Vila Luminiș  was the holiday home of Romanian composer George Enescu and Maruca Cantacuzino, a wealthy aristocrat of Cantacuzino family. It is where the composer wrote most of Oedipe’s work. Here, Yehudi Menuhin studied for two months through a summer with his master – George Enescu. Here you will receive an audio guide that will take you throughout the visit.

Visiting hours & Address: Tu – S, 10 – 17, No 2, Yehudi Menuhin street, Cumpătu.

Ticket price: 6 lei/person. (1,5 Euro)

– Știrbei Castle – Sinaia Museum about which I wrote here is the oldest villa in the city, built in 1875 at the request of Barbu Bibescu-Ştirbei’s daughter. Located between Telecabina and the New Montana Hotel, the museum offers  interesting information about the life of Princess Alina Ştirbei, but also about personalities who lived and created in Sinaia.

Visiting hours & Address: W-S 10-18, No 28 Carol I Blvd. Sinaia Museum.

Ticket price: 15 lei/person. (3 Euro)

– I visited the Casino and The Royal Gallery, a beautiful surprise. I wrote about it here. The visiting hours with a full tour is here.

Visiting hours & Address: Wed – Su 10-18. No 28, Carol I Blvd.

Ticket price: 15 lei/person (3 Euro) for a full tour or 5lei/person for partial tour.

– I rediscovered the stories of Castle Peleș and Pelișor.

Visiting hours Peleș Castle: Tu-S 9:15-16:15 (summer), W 11:15-16:15, Th-S 9:15-16:15 (winter).

Ticket price: 30 lei/person for ground floor visit. 60 lei/person for full visit with guide.

Visiting hours Pelișor Castle: W 11:15-16:15, Th-S 9:15-16:15

Ticket price: 30 lei/person for full visit.

– I saw the panorama from the famous place of Franz Joseph’s Rocks. The Royal Meadow and the Franz Joseph rocks were part of the Royal Domains, at 1270 meters above sea level. With spectacular views to Bucegi Mountains -they were the favorite place of the Romanian monarchs for walks and parties which were organized for the high guests of the Royal House. About the Franz Joseph rocks, it is said that King Carol I himself came here with the Emperor of Austria-Hungary to show him the entire Prahova Valley.

If I would see Sinaia for the first time, I wouldn’t miss visiting: Sinaia Monastery and Babele & the Sphynx geologic formations.


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